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T&G Smile imageIf you fancy a chat about bees (we like bees- they’re easy to draw) or you’d just like to tell us to fuck off and die, the best place to do so is probably the T&G Twitter account. We have a cool pen scribbling notification mp3 that goes off each time someone sends us abuse and everything. There are a number of other places you can find your faviourite badly drawn webcomic…

We also have a Facebook Page that is updated daily, despite the fuckers throttling the reach of our posts (your likes are *really* needed, so please do so if you can).

We submit to reddit once in a while too (when we’re feeling brave or that we need knocking down a peg or two), our profile is named tutandgroan, funnily enough. You can also Stumbleupon our cartoons, if you are that way inclined and there is a T&G Tumblr as well. We have every base covered. Every. Base.

And in addition to all that, we’re lucky enough to be listed in a heap of the best webcomic directories on the internets, including:

The Belfry Webcomic Index

Comic Listing

Comic Rocket


Webcomics Guide

The Webcomic List

So no excuses, get following us in some shape or form. Please. Go on.

Don’t make us beg.